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nPress is a "port" of WordPress in Mvc (c#).

Why NPress

I like as many and many people around the world WordPress. It's a fantastic blog engine. The thing is, I'm not a php developper, and I really don't like the way WordPress have been programmed. But the facts are here, WordPress is good. So porting something good to .net world can also be good !

Components used

  • Fx 3.5 => Core framework
  • ASP.NET MVC => Web framework
  • NHibernate => ORM
  • NHibernate.Linq => Integrated Query
  • AutoFac=> Ioc
  • NUnit => Unit test


  • Must work with a existing WordPress DB
  • Must work under Mono
  • Must work with any DB (and xml)
  • Must render the same design that Wordpress base site (same html/js)



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